Unocel develops and manufactures custom communication devices for use with IoT services.  If you have a project that requires something special please contact your account manager for more details. 

Our mobile services include Cellular, LoT/M2M and WiFi data for interconnecting machines and devices across the World.

We are authorized distributors for the leading name brands in Communication and Network gear.   





We work with local and national carriers to integrate and connect neighborhoods, communities and rural businesses to the World Wide Web.  Our technicians are trained directly by equipment manufacturers to program and tune devices for their optimal performance.  


Our focus is on providing delivering broadband and WiFi service to rural areas where normal broadband carriers do not offer service.   With our  IOT/M2M service we offer very affordable rates in the interconnection of your cellular based devices.

Your Link to the World


Suppling the latest Networking Equipment and Wifi LoT/M2M Services to the most remote areas of the US.


Providing entire communities, neighborhoods and Marinas  with Broadband Internet.


The ability to connect Machines and Devices throughout your plant or job site with your home office a mile away or across the World.


Staying  connected from Floor to Floor of your office, hospital or high-rise complex.



We develop communications and networking gear for your business, Home or Farm.  Our products incorporate the latest in technology and our WiFi service provides Broadband access in the most remote of areas.